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Pastoral Care Services


The Pastoral Care ministries at St. Andrew's, together with our Faith Formation ministries strive to provide access to and understanding of all our Catholic faith has to offer. Please contact us as indicated below if you have specifi questions or needs related to the services described.

Sacramental Preparation:
  • First Reconciliation
  • First Eucharist
  • Confirmation
Sacramental Prep

Our Faith Formation community has responsibility to prepare our parishoners to receive the sacraments. This preparation takes place in separate parent/child meetings and activities. Catholic School and Religious Education students come together in their home parish to prepare and celebrate the sacraments.  These programs are managed by the Faith Formation department.  Contact -

Judy Papaj-St. Timothy’s Church

Telephone (716) 875-9430


Baptism is the Sacrament that brings us to a new life in the Risen Christ. Parents are asked to attend a baptism preparation class prior to the birth of their baby.  All baptisms will be scheduled on the 3rd Sunday following the 11:30 AM Mass.


For information on Baptism preparations, please contact the rectory office 873-6716 or via email.


The Sacrament of Marriage creates a covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life.

Preparation sessions are recommended before entering this life changing union.


For information on Marriage preparation, please contact  the rectory office - 873-6716  or via email.


Funerals services are arranged through the rectory office 873-6716. Please contact us at any time, and we will work with your chosen burial services provider in this difficult time. Click here for more information.


Anointing of the Sick

Current  Covid 19 guidelines prohibit Parish priests from visiting or anointing the sick at this time.  Please ask for the chaplain.


Call the rectory - 873-6716 any time, day or night, if you wish to have a priest anoint a loved one who is sick.  

Please also ask about regular visits from a Eucharist Minister, who will bring Holy Communion to the sick and/or homebound as needed.


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