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Our church offers a traditional setting for your most sacred celebrations. Our Pastoral Care and Faith Formation Ministries are available to serve you at any time.

Mass Schedule


Masses are held in the main Church:


7:30, 9:30, and 11:30 AM & 5:00 PM



8:30 AM  &  Vigil: 4:00 PM


Weekdays: 8:30 AM & 12:00 Noon


Liturgy of the Word for Children:

9:30 Mass Sundays.

Additional Masses or services will be announced in our weekly events.

Confessions Schedule

Monday - Friday:  11:15 - 11:45 AM

Bingo Schedule


Bingo is held in the Msgr. Donovan Center in McNulty Hall

Sundays:  7:00 PM


Tuesdays: 7:30 PM


Thursdays: 7:30 PM


Fridays: 7:30 PM


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Fr. Matt's Message This Week

Dear Parishioners,

In a few weeks’ time, at the Chrism Mass of the
diocese, fresh sacramental oils will be blessed and
chrism consecrated for use in every parish. Olive oil is
the main ingredient of chrism, but olive oil with some exotic additives that

change its character and purpose. Rich balsam and perfumes separate chrism from the pantry. Food no longer, neither is this oil for grooming or toning muscles. It has a breathtaking aroma that is both alluring and enduring. The prayer of consecration is a good meditation for the coming Lenten season since it focuses us on the goal of our journey, linking it with the olive-bearing dove at the end of Noah’s stormy voyage of forty days. The dove signaled the birth of a new world, a society reborn from the wreckage of the old, drowned world of sin. At the end of our Lenten journey, the oil of chrism will be poured down in abundance on the brows of catechumens and infants, as well as on those to be confirmed or ordained. Lent puts us in touch with the hard edges of life in need of salvation, and the chrism of Easter joy redeems and restores.

Fr. Matt


Congratulations to Seamus Keane, St. Andrew’s Altar Server of the year.  An alumnus of St. Andrew’s, Seamus is a freshman at St. Joe’s and regularly serves 9:30 Sunday Mass here.  He has assisted with new Altar Server training for a few years and volunteers to serve weddings

and special occasions often.  In addition to his service at St. Andrew’s, he is active in many clubs & committees at St. Joe’s, including the Brothers Pompeiian Honors Academy, Recycling Club, Harry Potter Club and has earned 1st Honors in his 1st 2 marking periods.  He is also a regular volunteer at Ken-Ton Closet. 

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